iES Guide

  1. Request authentication through the iES library from the customer’s app and request input of the 4-digit password
  2. Send the push data and 4-digit password to the iES library from the customer’s app and request authentication success information
  3. Send the received authentication success information to the customer’s server
  4. The server requests authentication success information from the iES server to verify the result

The iES service is a cloud-based solution as a service (SaaS), and it consists of the authentication solution and authentication server that perform authentication on mobile devices.
To perform authentication, the information of the user of your service must be sent to the iES server.

You can integrate your service with the iES service by referring to the documents below.

Getting a License

To use our iES service, you need to get a license first. For more information, see the “Getting a License” page.


Terms and Definitions

This page explains iES service-related terms used in this document.


Supported Environment

This page describes the client environment supported by the iES service.


Downloading the Sample Code

You can download the sample code for iES integration.


iES Quick Start

Quick Start Guide to help you quickly experience the iES service.