Checking if authentication is successful

This page describes how to verify authentication success after iES authentication.

Checking if authentication is successful

Authentication success information will be saved in the iES server during the authentication process of the iES service. Therefore, to perform electronic signature value verification, your server should request the iES API server to verify the electronic signature value.

Verify iES Electronic signature
Verify iES Electronic signature
    "cus_id": "testid_a2",
    "auth_token": "98142bb9-68c0-476d-8e3c-e8623a6b4253",
    "sign": "vCRBICBd+9fUgYZr4zxbTNBnmu+evox71p6wtMjeKt/bAclkPp/iIoUwbFVo1z5BLGguJ1wnRxrtaNysSPMEYxOl5j6pCes5KGbf9whFuBw9rZ+HowjpwyGF3ADwcriQrGn3cE6zfvkNVAWlrgsC7Pu7seJjVMxi0CfJumKi8N/H+V0S++s3U/xSM7zb8Qam8S38Cf4YKDNLCjmjOGVRz8vmmFX0ZQuonKO6JMIxQnK/Qmq4G7uPhO0XA3/VJQGv2Cz5IaHSx8k2dkMTWqhQVKt5s/SQnRypHpF++3F5E2tOxXLYqc1VdpxAK08QGrXAt86DcjP6wjQ60KRGsSUeTA==",
    "sign_text": "{\"date\":\"2021-05-04 01:04:08\",\"used_type\":\"2\",\"auth_token\":\"98142bb9-68c0-476d-8e3c-e8623a6b4253\",\"sign_data\":\"iES USED_TYPE_LOGIN\",\"app_id\":\"ab64bf07-8961-4324-9bf6-0db2c21f8fef\"}"

cus_id is the ID value of the user.
auth_token is the authentication token generated during the authentication process.
sign is authenticated string. sign_text is the original string used in the authentication process.

The response values of the verifysign API are shown below. The response codes and messages can be found in the table below.

    "result": {
        "code": "0000",
        "message": "성공"
Code Description
0000 Success
9999 System under maintenance. Please contact customer support. (Other system error)
2009 Authentication value does not match
5000 Parameter missing
5004 Header Content-Type missing
6002 Electronic signature does not match

Check the response value. Stop the process if authentication is not successful.