6. Client error code

This page summarizes the error codes used in the iES SDK and server.

Code Message
0000 Success
0001 No search result
0002 Disabled customer.
1000 Default parameter error
1001 Password length error
1004 Time-out error
1101 Data parsing error
1102 Data encryption and decryption error
1200 Certificate does not exist
1201 Certificate password error
1202 Certificate password protection failed
1203 Quick authentication certificate password protection failed
1204 Certificate information does not match.
1205 Quick authentication certificate does not exist
1206 Quick authentication certificate password change failed
1207 Quick authentication certificate password error
1300 To use the service, try again after allowing notifications.\n(Settings > Notifications > Allow notifications from XXX)
1301 Push data not received
1400 3rd table generation error
1401 3rd table does not exist
1402 3rd table decryption error
1501 Does not match the certificate used when signing up.
1601 Bio authentication registration failed
1602 Bio authentication failed
1998 Network error
1999 Other errors
1600 Bio authentication registration successful
2001 No authentication token information
2002 Authentication token time-out
2003 Authentication token does not match
2004 Authentication failed
2005 Quick authentication password error
2006 No encryption key information
2007 Unauthenticated token
2008 Valid authentication time
2009 Electronic signature does not match
3000 Normal user
3001 Unused user ID
3002 Registration history not found. Please sign up.
3003 The user had signed up with another device or registration information has changed. Please sign up again.
3004 The user’s request for registration is pending.
3005 Deregistered user
3006 Registration history not found.
3007 Certificate information not found. Please sign up again.
3008 The password error occurred 5 times or more. Please sign up again.
3009 Duplicated user ID
3010 Unused user ID
3011 No registered authorized certificate number
3012 Pending password change
3013 Currently used by another user
3014 Another public key number already in use.
3015 Normal user with the bio authentication option.
3200 Please register for bio authentication
3201 Bio authentication failed
3202 User information not found.
3203 Bio authentication disabled. Please contact customer support.
4001 Push token error
4002 No push token search result
4003 Push transmission error
4004 No push transmission history
4005 Push token does not match
4008 Authentication already responded to.
4009 Authentication already responded to.
5000 Parameter value is not delivered
5003 json format error
5004 json MediaType error
5005 Unsupported Request Method Type
5006 Invalid json param
5101 Socket error
5102 Socket time-out error
6001 Encryption processing error
6002 Electronic signature does not match
7000 This service is not supported in your plan.
8000 Duplicate key error
8001 Data already exist
8002 Data not exist
8999 DB error
9006 Partner Company does not exist.
9999 System under maintenance. Please contact customer support.