iES push token update

This page explains push token update in iES. Push token update is performed to check the user’s push token when the user’s app is launched.

Password change request

Refer to the reqUpdatePushToken method in the included in the sample app.

    public void reqUpdatePushToken(final Context ctx, final String push_token, final boolean isServer) {
            OneShotPadListener<SimpleResponse> l = new OneShotPadListener<SimpleResponse>() {
                public void onResult(SimpleResponse res) {
                    // 결과 값 반환
                    showToast(ctx, res);
                    if (res.code.equals(BaseResponse.CD_OK)) {
                        // Count 증가 및 타임아웃 설정
                        if (mPushTokenUpdCnt < RETRY_PUSH_TOKEN_UPD) { // 3회까지만.. 0,1,2..
                            startPushTokenUpdateTimeout(ctx, isServer);
                        } else {
            OneShotPadManager.getInstance().reqUpdatePushToken(ctx, push_token, isServer, l);