iES authentication

This page explains authentication with the iES service.

  1. Request authentication and open the pinpad
  2. Wait until the push is received
  3. Proceed with decryption when the push is received
  4. Have the password entered
  5. Proceed with the authentication process
  6. Check if authentication is successful

Authentication request

Request a push for authentication. The server sends the information required for authentication in a push notification based on the request information.

    [[PASSIPADManager shared] reqAuthEx:cusID withAuthType:PAD_USEDTYPE_LOGIN withCompletion:^(PASSIPADResult *result) {
        if( [result.code isEqualToString:@"0000"] )
            // 핀패드 활성화 
            [self showPinPad:CertMode];
            //에러 메시지 

used_type refers to the type used. Set the type as specified in the table below.

Used Type Code
Log In 2
Change Password 4
Deregistration 5
Push Token Update 6
Registration for Bio Authentication 8
Bio Authentication 9
Deregistration for Bio Authentication 10

Authentication completion check

Check the completion of authentication based on the push data.

[[PASSIPADManager shared] reqAuthPinPadEx:pw withCusID:cusID withCompletion:^(PASSIPADResult * _Nonnull result) {
    if( [result.code isEqualToString:@"0000"] )
        if( [result.usedType isEqualToString:PAD_USEDTYPE_LOGIN] ||
            [result.usedType isEqualToString:PAD_USEDTYPE_BIO_AUTH] ||
            [result.usedType isEqualToString:PAD_USEDTYPE_AUTH]  ||
            [result.usedType isEqualToString:PAD_USEDTYPE_TEMINATE] )
            // 기간계 전자서명 검증 요청 API
            NSMutableDictionary *dic = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
            [dic setObject:cusID       forKey:@"cus_id"];
            [dic setObject:result.authToken         forKey:@"auth_token"];
            [dic setObject:result.sign              forKey:@"sign"];
            [dic setObject:result.signText          forKey:@"sign_text"];
            //고객사 전자 서명 체크 
            NSString *serverIP = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/spin/spmng/verify", SERVER_URL];
            [CommonUtil PostNetManager:serverIP withMethod:@"POST" withParam:dic withCompletion:^(PASSIPADResult *result) {
                [CommonUtil showAlert:@"인증 성공하였습니다."];